Two prisoners wounded during attack in Ofer jail

Two Palestinian prisoners were transferred to hospital after Israeli special military units stormed and ransacked on Friday the “national unity” section in Ofer prison shared by both Hamas and Fatah

Monofeya MPs unite with students in front of Parliament

Representatives from the MB parliamentary bloc participated in a rally with Monofeya students.

Ikhwanonline readers, “continued State of Emergency in Egypt is a repressive measure”

Users of Ikhwanonline, the Muslim Brotherhood's official Arabic website, participated in a survey concerning the State of Emergency in Egypt .

Hostage citizens and failed negotiations prompt parliament clashes

Heated debates took place in Egypt 's parliamentary hearing as opposition called for the discussion of numerous topics.

IOA confiscates Palestinian land in downtown Al-Khalil

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) notified Palestinian families in downtown Al-Khalil on Saturday that their land lots would be confiscated for military purposes.

Alkarama Report: European States confronted with Impunity

In the face of ongoing impunity across the Arab World, Alkarama has published a detailed report on how to use universal jurisdiction in Europe to prosecute those responsible for torture,

Finkelstein: What happened in Gaza was a massacre of civilians

Finkelstein, in an interview with "democracy now website" speaks out on the Arab-Israeli conflict,describing it as a wide mass massacre.

Eli Wiesel: Another irredeemable Zionist liar

Today, we are affronted with another Zionist supremacist who is no less repulsive. He is Eli Wiesl, who in many ways epitomizes the depravity and brutal ugliness of the Zionist

MB in Jordan wraps up Party’s elections

The MB offshoot in Jordan, The Islamic Action Front, convened earlier this week to determine the remaining members of its Shura Council and to plan its political agenda for the

Egypt : Unjustified renewal order for MB Executive Bureau member and 10 others

For the fourth consecutive time, the Supreme State Security Prosecution extended the custody of MB leader and member of the Executive Bureau, Dr. Osama Nasr El-Din and 10 other MB