ACT! for America is better known as Hate! for America

ACT! for America has a problem. Its first problem is that it was founded by Brigitte Gabriel. Yes, the same Brigitte Gabriel the New York Times called a “radical Islamophobe”

Angry protesters call for immediate release of political detainees

Hamdi Hassan from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, called for participation from all walks of life.

A Birthday Present

Obama will have to take into consideration the fears of a Naqba-injured and occupation-damaged people; to promise the realization of the Palestinians’ hope for independence within two years, to guarantee

Those We Honour and Why

In honouring those who define the values we share and those whose work we seek to emulate, Arab Americans make a statement about who we are, what we bring to

IPU pledges to take legal action against Israel for violating prisoners’ rights

Ingeborg Schwarz, the secretary of the human rights committee of the inter-parliamentary union (IPU), pledged to file lawsuits against Israel for its violation of the international humanitarian law regarding the

Palestinian fisherman wounded in IOF shooting, other youth detained in OJ

A Palestinian fisherman was wounded off the Rafah coast when Israeli occupation forces (IOF) aboard navy boats fired at him on Wednesday, medical sources reported.

10,000 Palestinians homes razed by Israel in 10 years

Al-Maqdesi foundation for society development said that Israel demolished more than 10,000 Palestinian homes in the neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem during the past 10 years

Egyptian authorities to demolish houses to complete building the steel wall

The Egyptian authorities were negotiating tens of families living at the border area with Gaza Strip to compensate them and give them alternative houses in Rafah border town to allow

Finally the Truth about the Emergency State: Bullets for Demanders of Freedom

After three decades of continuous renewal of the emergency state as well as national and international advocacy by the Egyptian government for the necessity of maintaining the emergency state to

MB MPs and opposition call for MP’s stripping of immunity

Recent comments made by NDP MP's Nashaat EL-Qassas and Ahmed Abu Aqrab have prompted political activists to demonstrate in front of parliament on Tuesday April, 20.