My advice to ElBaradei

Mohamed ElBaradei is a poised figure with a real presence on the political scene, but I don't think his opponents are aware of his value.

A Pharaonic regime and an unknown future

It’s possible that running away from a confrontation might delay it for some time, but it can never resolve it. It’s also possible that avoiding a problem can exacerbate it

Why people sympathize with ElBaradei

The sudden emergence of Mohamed ElBaradei on the political scene has provoked a variety of responses. While some have felt uneasy, others have felt jealous of his presence and others


What happened downtown last Tuesday, when the police dispersed and arrested 91 of about 200 young activists at a vigil commemorating the demonstrations in el-Mahalla el-Kobra on 6 April 2008,

Egypt charges MB members abroad with money laundering

5 alleged members in the "International networking" case were referred to an Egyptian State Security Emergency Court .

When will the opposition overcome its chronic weaknesses?

We all want to see genuine presidential elections in 2011 when, for the first time in the country's history, Egyptians should be able choose their president from among a list

Egypt rights group proposes election draft law

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) submitted on Sunday a draft law for general elections and a referendum to Parliament for an alternative draft law for the Political Rights

UNESCO’s clash of civilizations

Immediately after Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosni lost his bid to become the first Arab secretary-general of UNESCO, the Egyptian press began attributing his defeat to a "Western-Zionist conspiracy."

Egypt Said to Lower Yield on $1.5 Billion Bond Sale (Update2)

Egypt lowered the yields it will pay investors after receiving $12 billion in orders for the North African country's first overseas sale of dollar bonds in nine years, according to

Egypt to charge Brotherhood leaders with money laundering

The Egyptian government has charged five members of the country’s leading opposition group the Muslim Brotherhood with money laundering and raising funds abroad. According to Egypt’s Attorney General Abdel Meguid