MB demands resisting the IOA’s project

The Muslim Brotherhood has called for fighting against the IOA's project of destruction and humiliation.

Arafat Shoukri: “Conditions are ripe to make this flotilla the ‘tipping point’“

A coalition bringing together a number of organizations is preparing to send in May 2010 a relief flotilla of more than ten ships and cargo-boats to Gaza.

Egypt: Activists demand answers to security’s kidnapping

Dozens of activists from the 6 April movement assembled demanding the release of student, Tareq Ahmed Mohamed Khedr

University guards ban arts exhibition slamming emergency law

University guards in Ain Shams prevented students from organizing an art exhibition on the university's campus.

NDP counters attacks

National Democratic Party members were disturbed by escalating criticism from the United States and local political opposition forces regarding former comments made in parliament.

Experts: ending the state of emergency in Egypt is inevitable

Jurists and politicians unanimously agreed on the need for drastic changes in Egypt 's legislation. They all condoned the significance of the abolition of the state of emergency to ensure

A week of philosophical encounters

Speakers and Lectures: Cengiz Aktar, A Muslim Member of the European Union Sadik Al-Azm, Turkey, Secularism and the EU: A View from Damascus Gil Anidjar, ‘Was al-Andalus Here or There?’

Israeli policeman critically injures foreign tourist

An Israeli policeman fired at a foreign tourist inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Old City of Jerusalem on Friday, police sources said.

IOF soldiers shoot & wound six Palestinian citizens

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired live bullets at Palestinian citizens taking part in a protest demonstration east of Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza Strip on Saturday and wounded six

Prisoners’ center: 20 Palestinians in solitary confinement in Israeli jails

The prisoners’ center for studies said there are more than 20 Palestinian prisoners including a woman in solitary confinement inside Israeli jails living in harsh incarceration conditions threatening their lives.