Prisoners maintain protest steps, go on hunger strike

The Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli occupation jails have gone on hunger strike on Tuesday as a fresh protest step against the Israeli atrocities committed against them and their visiting

New Israeli plan to build 321 housing units in OJ

The Islamic-Christian commission to support Jerusalem and holy shrines has revealed that the Israeli-controlled municipality of occupied Jerusalem was planning three new housing projects in the holy city.

MP: IOA trial of children in violation of Geneva convention

Hamas MP Dr. Yehya Al-Abadsa, the rapportuer of human rights committee in the Palestinian legislative council has denounced the Israeli occupation authority's (IOA) trial of Palestinian children.

Hamas: Abbas not fit to conclude prisoners exchange deal

Hamas said that Mahmoud Abbas, the PA chief whose term in office expired last year, was not fit to conclude an honorable prisoners' exchange deal with the Israeli occupation authority

IOF soldiers quell demonstrations in various WB areas

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) violently dispersed a peaceful march in Walaja village, Bethlehem district, on Tuesday in which Palestinian citizens and foreign activists took part.

Copts call for boycotting MB coordination

Michael Mounir spokesman for the International Coptic Council warned Egyptian opposition of collaborating with the Muslim Brotherhood group in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

MB inform security of peaceful march intentions

A delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc led by Dr. Mohamed El-Beltagy, have submitted a letter to the Assistant State Security Official informing of their intentions to conduct a

Did Banned Media Report Foretell of Gaza War Crimes?

An Arab member of the Israeli parliament is demanding that a newspaper be allowed to publish an investigative report that was suppressed days before Israel attacked Gaza in winter 2008.

Barak defies outpost demolition law

Ehud Barak, Israel’s defence minister, has indicated he will defy an Israeli court that has ordered the demolition of 18 settler homes in the West Bank, in what is widely

Health ministry: 110 types of medicine out of stock

The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza has warned in a statement on Monday that hundreds of medicines and medical supplies were out of stock.