No-name radicals vs. ‘South Park’ just a distraction

Free speech issues and portrayals of Islam needlessly stirred a hornet’s nest recently when “South Park” depicted the Prophet Mohammed disguised in a bear suit in the 200th episode of

Egypt’s Shura Council elections: A gesture of democracy?

In early June Egypt’s parliamentary elections will kick off with voting for the Shura Council, the consultative assembly.

Savage Jewish groups to march today towards Aqsa Mosque

Extremist Jewish groups intend to organize a provocative march towards Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem on Wednesday on the occasion of what they call the unification of Jerusalem.

Breaking news: Egyptian Supreme court convicts Hezbollah suspects sentencing 4 to life.

Egyptian Supreme court convicts Hezbollah suspects. Four life sentences and others to 15 years.

Plans for Egypt ‘s Shura elections underway

A governmental vote will be held in June, as an initial measure to establish whether authorities will concede to the participation of opposition groups in particular the Muslim Brotherhood more

Egyptian authorities admit mistake in MB charges

An official statement issued by the Egyptian Prosecutor's office has admitted that it has mistakenly indicted Saudi preacher Aaed Al-Qarani.

Omar al-Bashir Wins Re-Election In Sudan

Sudan's president won another term in office Monday with a comfortable majority in elections marred by boycotts and fraud allegations, becoming the first head-of-state to be re-elected while facing an

‘Obama’s Shack’ Demolished By Israeli Security Forces

Israeli security forces demolished a handful of illegal structures in West Bank settlements Tuesday, including a wooden bunker that hard-line Jewish activists had defiantly named after President Barack Obama.

Egypt: The Next Volcano?

Egypt is facing a potential political eruption that could rock the entire Mideast and seriously undermine US domination of the strategic region.

Egyptian Americans claim right to vote in Egypt elections

The Egyptian American Coalition sent a letter to both the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior in early April, calling for actions and measures necessary to