Human rights centres call for official supervision during elections

Ambassador Mahmoud Karem Secretary-General of the National Council for Human Rights asserted that 14 Egyptian human rights organizations from different provinces have called for supervision during the upcoming Shura Council

Anti-wall marches in W. Bank villages continue despite Israeli military escalation

Hundreds of Palestinian citizens and foreign activists participated on Friday in the peaceful weekly marches organized in West Bank villages against the segregation wall and settlement activities despite the Israel

Khudari calls in Lebanon for official Arab action to lift siege on Gaza

Independent Palestinian MP Jamal Al-Khudari has called for official Arab action to lift the catastrophic siege on the Gaza Strip and for reactivating the peoples' role in this regard.

Prefabricated homes aboard flotilla to Gaza

Prefabricated homes and relief material would be among the assistance sent to Gaza Strip aboard a flotilla of ships, the European campaign to end the siege on Gaza said in

Bahar: Israel’s intent to expel human rights organizations exposes its democracy

Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the first deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC), said Friday that tabling a new draft law in the Knesset calling for expelling many human rights

Egypt: 4 MB arrests as nomination for Shura council approaches

State Security raided the houses of four prominent Muslim Brotherhood leaders early Sunday. Come elections, arrest campaigns appear to be the only language understood by the ruling regime.

Egypt: MB MP takes to the street with workers protests and demands

Human rights organizations, activists, students, and parliamentarians, are expected to participate on Sunday in a mass demonstration in front of the Ministers' Council to demand their minimum and rightful wage

Haneyya: We refuse an alternative homeland

Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya has renewed assertion that this government and the Hamas movement refuse a substitute homeland for Palestinians.

South African deputy foreign minister arrives in Gaza

Ibrahim Ibrahim, the deputy foreign minister of South Africa, has arrived in Gaza Strip on Saturday via the Rafah crossing at the head of a seven-member delegation.

Despite worsening health condition prisoner Lubada refuses deportation offer

Zuhair Lubada, a prisoner in Israeli occupation jails suffering from kidney failure, neurological problem, liver virus, and itching all over his body, has refused an Israeli offer to release him