Arab-American company employees join protests in front of parliament

Dozens of workers from the Arab-American Company for Economic and Industrial Development joined the labourers' protest in front of Parliament calling for their financial dues.

Netanyahu and Mubarak continue talks despite opposition in Egypt.

Despite opposition parties and movements in Egypt including the Muslim Brotherhood, expressing distaste to the Israeli Prime Minister's visit to Egypt , talks still went under way

Palestinian minister of detainees holds Israel responsible for death of Zedat

Palestinian minister of prisoners’ affairs Mohamed Al-Ghoul held the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) fully responsible for the death of cancer patient Fayez Zedat, an ex-detainee in its jails.

Opposition groups final discussions before Shura nominations

Tagammu Leftist Party is scheduled to meet May 8, to discuss the necessary measures needed for funding the upcoming Shura elections.

IOA demolishes Palestinian home in Taiba

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) razed a Palestinian home in Taiba, in the Triangle area occupied in 1948, at a late hour on Saturday rendering its residents homeless.

IOF soldiers quell peaceful Palestinian march

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) quelled afternoon Saturday a peaceful Palestinian march in Beit Ummar village, north of Al-Khalil, and beat up many of its participants.

OCHA: Most Gaza people still suffer from power crisis

The UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs (OCHA) said most of Gaza residents still suffer from power outages due to the low supplies of industrial fuel used to

Arson attacks on Palestinian cars, new crime against Palestinians in W. Bank

The settlers in the occupied Palestinian lands started in the last three days a new kind of crimes against the Palestinians in the West Bank represented in waging arson attacks

Kuwaiti parliamentary delegation arrives in Gaza

A 5-member parliamentary delegation from Kuwait arrived in Gaza Strip on Sunday for a few days visit to the Strip during which the delegates would tour Kuwaiti-financed charitable projects.

IOF soldiers suppress Palestinian anti-wall march, wound 7 civilians

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) used violent means to suppress a peaceful Palestinian anti-wall march in Beit Jala village, Bethlehem district, on Sunday during which 7 Palestinian civilians were hurt.