An Islamic Perspective on Interfaith Dialogue

Dialogue is not about trying to defeat others, but about understanding and learning about them. The Qur’an insists that the world’s beauty lies in its racial and religious pluralism, otherwise

Media Should Get Islam Right

The media rarely associates terms like terrorist, fanatic and fundamentalist with any other religious group. For instance, the phrase 'Hindu fanatics' or 'Jewish terrorists' are seldom used even though in

The Modernists of Al Andalus

Today pundits who speak all too knowingly of the ancient enmity between Arab and Jew conveniently or ignorantly overlook the Convivencia, during which Muslims, Jews and Christians lived in peace

Jewish settlers escalate arrogant attacks on villagers

Police in the West Bank village of Luban Al-Sharqiya are investigating a fire which seriously damaged a mosque. The fire is the latest, in a series of arrogant settler attacks

European delegation in Gaza to discuss power crisis

The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza has announced that a European parliamentary delegation is expected to visit the Gaza Strip by mid May to get acquainted with

IOA sentences child to 3 months imprisonment

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has sentenced a 16-year-old Palestinian child from Al-Khalil to three months imprisonment term for throwing stones at Israeli occupation forces (IOF).

IOA threatens detainee Ibrahim Hamed with perpetual isolation

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has threatened Palestinian prisoner Ibrahim Hamed with perpetual isolation in captivity for "posing a threat to Israeli security."

PPA: IOF soldiers detained 65 Palestinians in Al-Khalil last month

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up 65 Palestinians in Al-Khalil district in April including a mother of four children, the Palestinian prisoners association (PPA) said.

Settlers occupy Palestinian home in OJ

Zionist settlers occupied a Palestinian home in Beit Safafa, south of occupied Jerusalem, on Sunday night with the full protection of Israeli occupation police.

IOF troops detain 9 citizens in Al-Khalil

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped five Palestinian citizens in Beit Ola village, Al-Khalil district, at dawn Monday while four others were kidnapped from Beit Ummar village last night.