Mubarak’s comments anger opposition

An angry response from Egypt 's opposition echoed throughout the country after President Mubarak accused the opposition of failing to reach the country's poor through meaningless slogans.

MB Chairman calls for the release of all political prisoners

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), called on President Mubarak to use his constitutional powers to release all political prisoners unjustly detained, including detainees of military tribunals.

When the regime puts the security apparatus in the driver’s seat

President Hosni Mubarak represents the axis of the Egyptian political system since he holds all the reins of power in his hands.

Mubarak slams opposition slogans, while failing to offer raises

President Mubarak's first address to the public after his gall-bladder surgery was laced with promises of him being by the workers side, however he failed to announce any real steps

Jordan: IAF end elections with surprising results

The Muslim Brotherhood's offshoot in Jordan , the Islamic Action Front's elections ended in a surprising twist.

El-Baradei’s US visit too candid

"Could be candidate" Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei's visit to the US has been met which much controversy.

Egypt’s emerging political intrigue

Egypt hasn't generated many international headlines in recent years. It's been some time since its government played much of a leadership role in the region, and Egypt didn't suffer as

Opposition and workers unite in call for political change

In an unprecedented union of political activists and workers Cairo 's streets in Egypt witnessed loud opposition

Christian Extremists Join The Neo Actio Popularis Team Demanding To Jail Author of Azazel Novel

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said ,today, that some Christian lawyers have joined the neo actio popularis team in Egypt and demanded a five year imprisonment for Youssef

Twenty One Violations against Egyptian Journalists, Bloggers and Writers A Press Conference to Announce the

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said, today, that the state of freedom of opinion and expression of Egypt in 2009 is moving from bad to worse, towards more