Palestinians of 1948 protest Israeli arbitrary practices against them

Hundreds of Palestinians in the 1948 occupied lands participated in a protest organized Monday evening in Haifa city to condemn the political arrests and the arbitrary actions taking place against

IOA renews administrative detention of lecturer for 7th time

The Israeli occupation authority's intelligence renewed the administrative detention, without charge or trail, of Palestinian university lecturer Ghassan Dhukan for the 7th consecutive time.

IOA persists in banishing Palestinians

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) maintained its banishment policy of Palestinian citizens and deported Hani Eshtiwi from Beer Sheba to the Gaza Strip on Monday.

US Secretary of State slams Egypt ‘s emergency law extension

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton condemned the decision stating that the extension ignored the Egyptian voices who sought to end the government suppression.

MB chairman meets with Ghad Party leader to discuss political reform

Dr. Mohamed Badie, the Muslim Brotherhood's chairman met with Al Ghad's party leader Dr. Ayman Nour in his office Tuesday