Delusions and illusions of press freedom

Paul J. Balles compares China’s open control of the press with the “lies under pretence of freedom” of the Western media under the control of special interests, especially the Israel

US website Salem-News under attack for Israel stories

Tim King, Executive News Editor of the US website, vows to continue highlighting the plight of the Palestinian people and the brutality of their Israeli oppressors, following a relentless

Who is bombing in Iraq?

Christopher King argues that it is likely that the American CIA – or Israel acting on its behalf – is responsible for recent atrocities in Iraq, in order to extend

Netanyahu will be pleased. Now UK has an upper-class coalition “fagging” for Israel

Stuart Littlewood views the Zionist roots of Britain’s senior coalition party, the Conservatives, especially its leader David Cameron and the foreign secretary, William Hague, both self-confessed Israel stooges.

Shura candidates announced Monday

The higher committee for elections is expected to announce the final electoral list of nominees for the mid term Shura council elections for 2010.

MB Morsy demands NDP Shura candidate withdraw questioning validity

Dr Mohamed Morsy from the Muslim Brotherhood's executive bureau deplored the unethical measures practiced by the ruling regime's NDP regarding the upcoming Shura elections.

US funds Israel’s apartheid roads plan

Jonathan Cook reports that a US government aid agency is financing the construction of Jews-only apartheid roads in the illegally-occupied West Bank, contrary to Washington’s pledge not to assist in

North African bloggers get creative to evade censorship

When confronted with free speech as an act of self-expression, authoritarian powers throughout history have tried to assert their legitimacy and remove threats to their rule through censorship.

Egypt: State Security Emergency Courts to try MB in absentia

Egypt’s Emergency State Security Court decided to begin the trial of four Egyptian members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in July on charges of “affiliation to and fundraising for a

New boat joins Freedom Flotilla

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, has said that the Turkish relief foundation IHH bought a new ship that would join the Freedom Flotilla