ElBaradei criticizes Egyptian govt for extending emergency law

Former IAEA chairman Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei criticised the recent decision by the ruling regime to renew the emergency law in Egypt

MB MP summons Interior Minister

MP Saad Al-Husseini, from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc called for the summoning of the Interior Minister to discuss measures practiced by security forces against Shura candidates and their supporters

Opposition goes online to demand change

Opposition supporters have directed efforts utilizing the services technology offers as a political alternative

Report: Matar shot dead trying to exercise his right to return to his hometown

A news report said that the 80-year-old man Fouad Matar, who was shot dead by Israeli troops last Friday east of Beit Hanoun near the 1948 occupied lands, was trying

IOA extends detention of Turkish activist

The national higher committee in support of prisoners has condemned the Israeli occupation authority's decision to extend for eight days the detention of the Turkish activist Ezzet Shahin.

Khairat Al-Shater, 10 years in prison, is it not time to set him free?

I still remember the first time that I wrote condemning the wave of brutal detentions targeting the best sons of the nation and I did not imagine that day that

The US-Egypt NGO funding problem

Despite Washington’s annoyance that Egypt renewed the controversial Emergency Laws that allow for arrest and detention without trial and the use of State Security Courts, the United States didn’t appear

Israeli plans to evacuate and demolish Palestinian buildings in Silwan and Busta

Lawyer Qais Nasser, a specialist in settlement affairs, unveiled two new Israeli plans to evacuate and demolish Palestinian buildings in the neighborhoods of Silwan and Al-Bustan in occupied Jerusalem.

FEATURE-Egyptians go online to seek political change

Eman AbdelRahman is one of 200,000 people who have signed up on Facebook to back Mohamed ElBaradei, the former U.N. nuclear boss who has said he wants to shatter 30

Fanatic rabbi calls for escalating attacks on Palestinians

Yitzhak Shapira, the fanatic Zionist rabbi, has urged settlers in the West Bank to escalate attacks on the Palestinian citizens and their property in return for each time a random