MB chairman offers pep talk to Shura Candidates

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie is expected to meet with the Shura Council candidates early next week.

MB chairman meets with candidates for Shura Council

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie is expected to meet with the Shura Council candidates early next week

State of Emergency encourages government’s violations during Shura elections

Scenes of security forces besieging protest rallies in support of the MB candidates are familiar scenes coinciding with the activities of the Brotherhood's candidates in most of Egypt 's governorates

Int’l campaign: All Israeli trials against Palestinian MPs violate int’l law

The international campaign for the release of prisoners stated Wednesday that all trials held by Israel against Palestinian lawmakers are null and void and violate international law.

Palestinian cancer patient dies after repeated failure to travel abroad

A 45-year-old Palestinian man was proclaimed dead in Gaza Strip on Wednesday after two years of developing cancer, medical sources said.

European campaign calls for practical steps to end the siege on Gaza

The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza Strip has hailed the World Health Organization's (WHO) call on Israel to end its siege on Gaza immediately.

Zionist settler beats 90-year-old Palestinian woman, her grandson

Zionist settler Yitzhak Hircovich assaulted 90-year-old Palestinian woman Sheeha Ali in the tent she has pitched after he took her own house in Beit Safafa village south of occupied Jerusalem

Yemen: Seventh Int’l Conference on Islamic moderation begins

Scholars, thinkers, and academics from Yemen , Sudan , Morocco , Egypt , Syria , Bahrain , Jordan and Germany met on Wednesday May 19, in the seventh International Conference

“Islam is the Solution” is constitutional, argue MB candidates

Muslim Brotherhood candidates have met with much controversy for their continued use of their renowned motto "Islam is the Solution."

Aloul warns of possible Israeli piracy against Freedom Flotilla in Gaza waters

Spokesman for the Turkish IHH relief foundation Ziyad Al-Aloul called on the international community to move to end the Israeli threats to attack the Freedom Flotilla convoy and prevent it