Australia ousts Israeli Embassy Official

Australia's foreign minister reported that it would expel an official from the Israeli embassy, asserting that investigations revealed that Israel was behind the phony Australian passports connected to the murder

El Erian: MB rejects Western pressure for voting transparency

Spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau Dr. Essam El-Erian maintains that the group rejects Egypt 's regime's allegations that they are pressuring the west to call for free and

Amonisto workers released

Alsayeda Zainab Prosecution ordered the release of 20 Amonisto workers after a 12 hour detention

8 Egyptians detained over Democratic Reform pledge

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) has called on the Damanhur – a small city some two hours north of Cairo – prosecution to release 8 Egyptian activists

Egypt: Drop charges against human rights defenders

The Khalifa court of misdemeanors will begin a criminal trial on May 22, 2010, of the human rights advocates Ahmad Saif al-Islam and Gamal Eid and blogger Amr Gharbeia on

Sources: Egypt might impede Freedom Flotilla

Egyptian diplomatic sources said that consultations were ongoing in the Egyptian foreign ministry on the Freedom Flotilla heading to Gaza.

IOF soldiers detain 8 foreigners in Beit Jala march

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired excessive amount of teargas canisters at the participants in the weekly anti wall march organized in Beit Jala town, Bethlehem district, each Sunday.

NDP turns elections into war

Muslim Brotherhood Shura candidate Salah Misbah condemned the continued violations practiced by the regime's ruling NDP and state security

UN report: Israel’s blockade obstructs reconstruction efforts in Gaza

A UN report on Sunday said the Israeli blockade hinders international efforts to reconstruct the post-war Gaza Strip, adding that most of the property and infrastructure damaged in Israel's war

IOF soldiers wound Palestinian worker, start war games

A 19-year-old Palestinian workers was shot and injured when Israeli occupation forces (IOF) opened fire at him north of Beit Lahia in northern Gaza Strip on Sunday.