State security violations against MB candidates and supporters in Daqahliya

Muslim Brotherhood Shura candidates Dr. Abdel-Hamid Al-Adl and Safwat Abdel-Qader Al-Bakri filed complaints to the public prosecutor and head of the election committee against the Mansoura police.

Tensions rise as Shura’s opposition candidates face difficulties

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood movement have faced numerous assaults from the NDP as banners and posters in favour of the MB are either ripped or confiscated.

MB Shura candidate files complaint against Interior Ministry

Muslim Brotherhood Shura candidate Mohamed Awad Alzayat submitted a complaint to the elections supervising committee objecting to measures taken regarding the electoral process.

Skeptism over Jordan ‘s New election law

The new electoral law approved last week in Jordan has been slammed by critics who say it will fail to support reforms and only appoint MPs with tribal connections loyal

Arab Attitudes One Year After Cairo

The speech, which focused on shared problems, shared misconceptions and shared goals, elicited a near euphoric response from most officials and editorial writers across the Arab World. The reactions of

Interviewing Hamas in Lebanon

Ousama Hamdan used to be the go-between between Hamas and Iran, but for years has been the Hamas leader in Lebanon. He talks about problems with the peace process in

Herzog: Freedom Flotilla will reach Gaza if there are pledges to release Shalit

Israeli minister of social welfare Yizhak Herzog said that the Freedom Flotilla aid convoy will not be allowed to reach the besieged Gaza Strip, before its organizers pledge to get

Bahar lashes out at American funding of Iron Dome

First deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council Dr. Ahmed Bahar has lashed out at the American Congress for agreeing to finance the "Iron Dome" system to defend Israeli settlements

Abu Zuhri asks Australia to prosecute killers of Mabhouh

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, said that the Australian expulsion of an Israeli diplomat from his embassy in Canberra was an additional proof that Israel was involved in

Pharmacists organize one hour rally in protest

The Pharmaceutical Association Council in Alexandria announced the shutting of Alexandria 's pharmacies for an hour on Monday, May 31st from 10-11 am