MB delegation to attend Annual workers Conference

A Muslim Brotherhood delegation will attend the annual Egyptian Workers conference scheduled to be held at the Press Syndicate's Premises tomorrow .

Security forces surround MB candidate’s home in Sharqiya

Forces attempted to deprive him of his constitutional privileges, which gives him the right to present himself to the citizens before elections

Blog of the week: Amonsito & State Violence

The morning started with escalations by the workers of the Amonsito factory.

Egypt using defamation laws to prosecute dissenting voices

Amnesty International has criticized the Egyptian authorities’ use of criminal defamation charges to silence and harass activists, after the trial of two leading human rights defenders and a prominent blogger

Egypt ruling party wonders who will be president

Questions and wonderment are seeping into Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), with party members giving contradictory statements over who their possible candidate will be in the 2011 Presidential election.

Orders for Friday sermons to include NDP achievements

An Official source has revealed that Mahmoud Hamdy Zaqzouq Minister of endowment has secretly issued instructions to the governorates commissioned by imams and preachers to give publicity to the NDP

More abuse for Egypt Sinai writer, blogger

Reports circulated on Tuesday that the Egyptian interior ministry had escalated its torture of prisoner of conscience Mossad Abu Fagr, a prominent Egyptian blogger who has been jailed since 2007.

19th Annual International MB Convention to take place in Turkey

Istanbul's Kaya Ramada Hotel will host the 19th International congress of the Muslim Brotherhood Convention.

MB offshoot in Jordan still to choose next leader

Indecision continues as leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front continues in Jordan.

European ships arrive in Rhodes port

The European cargo ship, one of the Freedom Flotilla group of ships, is expected to arrive at the Greek port of Rhodes on Wednesday night and before it three passenger