Insight on Gaza’s Infrastructure

The media outlets give considerable coverage for the continued flaming situation in Palestine, Gaza in particular. The issue of the two balanced battling powers of Israel and “Hamas” are all

Report: Israel prepares to block aid convoys

-More than 700 international peace activists are aiming at arriving to within a few days by sea to the besieged Gaza Strip. According to the European campaign to End the

Israel goes PR through Propaganda

Israeli TVs and tens of other Israeli media outlets seem to be recruited by the government of Israel now.

Egypt court convicts officials over rockslide

A Cairo court sentenced on Wednesday the deputy governor of Cairo and 7 others to jail for their role in a massive rockslide that left over 100 people dead in

Fierce confrontations between IOF troops and local residents in Silwan

Fierce confrontations broke out on Thursday evening between local residents with the IOF troops in the occupied Jerusalem suburb of Silwan resulting in the wounding of 11 Palestinian residents, including

Security forces’ use live ammunition against MB campaigners resulting in critical injuries

Security forces have crossed all ethical and constitutional lines using live ammunition and tear gas to disperse a campaign of supporters of Beheira's Muslim Brotherhood Shura candidate Mohamed Zayat

MB Chairman: Optimism is the first step towards renaissance

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, urged the Islamic nation to raise its awareness, build momentum, interact positively, and make every effort to distance itself from negativity and

Aqsa Imam condemns Israeli threats to the

The Aqsa Mosque Imam, Sheikh Yusuf Abu Sneinah condemned, during the Friday sermon, Zionists threats against the "Freedom Flotilla" calling for an end to the unjust siege of the Gaza

Amnesty International slams Egypt ‘s authority’s suppression

A new report issued by Human rights observer Amnesty International has accused the Egyptian government of continuing to abuse its authority with its renewed Emergency Law to detain political opponents

Security Forces arrest MB candidate supporters

As elections approach tensions increase and violations against political opposition escalate. Security forces continue with their suppression arresting MB supporters and followers.