Why is Israel afraid of a few boats?

Hundreds of activists are on their way to the blockaded Gaza strip via a "flotilla" of boats carrying humanitarian and reconstruction supplies, which are badly lacking in the impoverished Palestinian

Greece summons Israeli ambassador over attack on Freedom Flotilla

The Greek foreign ministry has summoned the Israeli ambassador to Athens over the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla that left tens of martyrs and wounded in lines of the

Update2: Israeli Commando Units deploy off Ashdod port

Israeli navy deployed a huge number of commando units in preparation to launch a military attack on the civilian boats of Freedom Flotilla.

URGENT: Sources report arrest of Egyptian MP on board the “Freedom flotilla” following Israeli attack

Egyptian MB MP Dr Mohamed Beltagui and Dr. Hazem Farouk, on board the "Freedom flotilla" arrested and held in prison in Ashdod, Israel

MB Chairman: Violations in the Shura Council’s elections is beyond limits

MB Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie stressed that the continued violations of the rights on the MB candidates regarding the Shura elections and the non-implementation of the judicial rulings resorting to

European campaign: Israel will pay dearly for attacking Freedom Flotilla

The European campaign to end the siege said Israel will pay dearly at the media and political levels for its brutal attack on the Freedom Flotilla convoy earlier this morning,

Sheikh Raed Salah seriously injured in the IOF assault on Freedom Flotilla

Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic movement in the 1948 occupied Palestinian lands, was seriously injured in the Israeli occupation forces' (IOF) assault on the Freedom Flotilla at

Bahar: IOA planning to get rid of Palestinians in 1948 occupied Palestine

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is planning to eliminate all Palestinian presence in Palestine occupied in 1948, first deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council Dr. Ahmed Bahar said.

16 killed in the IOF attack on the Freedom Flotilla

Israeli occupation forces' (IOF) attack on the ships of the Freedom Flotilla heading to Gaza killed 16 individuals on board and wounded at least 60 others, the Israeli TV quoted

Egypt arrests activists; unity waning

Mohamed ElBaradei’s popularity and support seem to be teetering toward oblivion in Egypt, after months of calls for change.