MB: Rigging elections is government piracy

The Muslim Brotherhood Shura candidates held a press conference today revealing the atrocious violations practiced against the MB followers and supporters in their constituencies during the midterm Shura elections describing

Israeli court extends detention of Sheikh Salah

The Israeli magistrate court has extended the detention of Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic movement in 1948 land, for eight more days until completion of interrogation by

Mubarak fails to follow through with Shura election promises

Egypt's 2010 midterm Shura elections up revealed that the assurances made by President Mubarak were mere lies

Zoughbi: The Israeli navy fired at Mavi Marmara before landing on its deck

Arab Knesset member Hanin Zoughbi said that the Israeli navy started to fire at the passengers of the Turkish cruise ship Mavi Marmara before its commandos landed on the deck,

Erdogan affirms continued support for Gaza in telephone contact with Haneyya

Turkish premier Recep Erdogan has affirmed his country's continued support for the Palestinian people and government in Gaza Strip "regardless of the price".

Ireland asks Israel not to intercept aid ship Rachel Corrie

The Irish government has asked the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) not to intercept the Irish ship "Rachel Corrie" while en route to Gaza Strip with badly needed medical and relief

Abu Marzouk talks to Ikhwanweb about Israeli military massacre at sea

Hamas' deputy politburo member Mousa Abu Marzouk has described Monday's pre-dawn massacre on the Freedom Flotilla which was bound for Gaza carrying relief an act of piracy.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Soldiers On in Election Campeign

The decades-old battle between the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest opposition group, and Egypt's authoritarian regime has entered its latest phase.

Gaza aid flotilla attack: Israel starts to deport activists

Israel has begun deporting hundreds of activists seized from the flotilla of ships intercepted with lethal force in international waters off Gaza earlier this week.

Egypt: Security services wound 30 in election rally, arrest 13 injured from hospital

At least 30 Muslim Brotherhood supporters were injured on 29 May 2010, as Egyptian security forces attacked an election rally organized by residents of Abu Homs in Al-Baheira governorate.