Egypt’s People Assembly discusses police misconduct during Shura elections

The PA's Committee on Human Rights chaired by Judge Edward Ghali Al-Dahaby, has decided to discuss violations by security forces during the voting process in addition to other human rights

Free Download: The Suffering of the Palestinian Woman under the Israeli Occupation

This book summarizes the major sufferings of the Palestinian women who are living under the Israeli occupation,

Brotherhood sides with ElBaradei

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest opposition group, offered its support yesterday to the political reform campaign of Mohammed ElBaradei,

Eyewitness to Israel’s carnage

The Qatar-based media network Al Jazeera has published on its website a series of harrowing eyewitness accounts from survivors of Israel’s military raid on a flotilla of ships bringing humanitarian

Court order to annul Egyptian citizenship to Israeli marriages

An Egyptian High Administrative court has issued an order to consider annulling the citizenship from Egyptians married to Israelis in the case of threats to Egypt 's national security

Judges discuss extension of retirement and Shura crisis

Chancellor Ahmed el-Zend will be meeting with representatives from the Judge's club to discuss numerous issues including the judges retirement age and the Shura elections

Protest in Journalists Syndicate calls for ending the Gaza siege

Tens of human rights activists called for the continued support in sending aid convoys by all means to break the siege on Gaza.

New break-siege ship to head to Gaza from Lebanon next week

Two non-governmental organizations announced in Beirut on Saturday that a Lebanese ship loaded with humanitarian assistance would set sail to Gaza Strip next week.

Egypt: MB and independent MP’s to launch aid convoy to Gaza

A delegation of Egyptian parliamentarians comprised of political opposition including Muslim Brotherhood members and independents has organised a convoy to transport humanitarian assistance and relief to the Gaza Strip .

Egyptian authorities refuse entry of construction material via Rafah terminal

The Egyptian authorities have turned down a request by the Arab doctors union (ADU) to send construction and other relief materials to the Gaza Strip via the Rafah border terminal.