Opposition to a New Mosque, Without the Ground Zero Excuse This Time

The uproar over a proposed mosque near ground zero is predicated around the idea that this specific site was inappropriate for a mosque because of its proximity to the place

Angered activists sit-in at Rafah crossing in protest

An overnight sit in was staged by over 350 Egyptian activists on the Rafah border crossing in an attempt to break the siege on the Gazans

Israel: strategic ally or liability for the USA?

Stephen Sniegoski debunks the arguments that Israel is a strategic US asset, advanced by Israel lobbyists such as billionaire chief editor of US News & World Report Mort Zuckerman, and

MB and Wafd Party leaders meet with promises of future dialogue

In a press conference following a meeting between a Muslim Brotherhood delegation and the Wafd Party leaders Dr. Mohammed Badie MB chairman asserted that cooperation between the two parties will

Badie and MB delegation visit and congratulate new Wafd Party leader

Dr. Mohamed Badie chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood bloc will visit Saturday, the Wafd Party to congratulate Dr. Sayed El Badawi for his recent success in the Wafd Party elections.

Brotherhood approves law protecting workers’ rights

The People's Assembly's Plan and Budget Committee agreed in principle to a bill presented by "Ahmed Ezz, NDP secretary general and Chairman of the People's Assembly Planning and Budget Committee

ElBaradei’s bid brings Egypt ‘s political future to a new level

Since his emergence onto the political arena in Egypt , former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei's has worked on forming a popular union with political opposition calling for political reform

Alexandria mourns newest Interior Ministry’s victim

National opposition political forces and civil society activists will attend the funeral prayer performed for Khaled Saed who was brutally beaten and killed by police in Alexandria

Interior Ministry continues to defy court orders

The Ministry of Interior once again has demonstrated human rights violations and defiance by ignoring release orders issued by court

After the Israeli flotilla incident, Turkey is the new Palestinian champion

There is no doubt that it is President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, President Nasser’s successor, to whom Abdel Bari Atwan principally refers; and there is no doubt, too, that the