Israel plans dig at burial place of Prophet Muhammad’s companions and Saladin warriors

Jonathan Cook reports on plans by the Israeli authorities and the charlatan Simon Wiesenthal Centre to desecrate a historic Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem where the Prophet Muhammad’s companions and tens

China renews demand for immediate end to Gaza siege

Chinese Middle East envoy Wu Sike has renewed his country's demand for an immediate end to the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip and an improvement of humanitarian conditions there.

Massive demo in Spain against Gaza siege

Hundreds of people participated in a march in the Spanish capital on Saturday to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and denounce Israel’s blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Friends of humanity urges the world to stand against Israel’s apartheid

Friends of Humanity International called on the world to be inspired by the victory achieved against the defunct apartheid system in South Africa and stand firm against Israel’s apartheid in

Mossad agent involved in Dubai assassination arrested in Poland

The German federal prosecutor’s office said Saturday that an Israeli Mossad agent involved in the assassination of one of Hamas's leaders in Dubai was apprehended in Poland and would be

Muslim Brotherhood’s opinion in a newsletter regarding Shura elections and Freedom Flotilla

The past few days have witnessed tragic incidents at home, with the worst case of fraud taking place in the mid-term Shura Council elections in Egypt in what has become

The real threat aboard freedom flotilla

Israel’s violent attack on the Freedom Flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza shocked the world. Hijacking boats in international waters and killing passengers is, of course, a serious crime.

University of Korea cancels granting Peres honorary doctorates

One of the South Korea universities decided to cancel granting the Israeli President Shimon Peres a honorary doctorates. The Korean authorities also decided to reduce Peres’ visit today, because of

Ehud Barak to arrive to France, French activists threaten to sue him

The French peace activists, who participated in the fleet of freedom aid convoy, plan to sue Israel in the International Court of Justice for committing a "war crime" aggression against

MB MP demands immediate dismissal of Interior Minister

An urgent statement was submitted in parliament by the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc condemning the brutal bashing by plain clothes police and security forces which resulted in the tragic death