Mahmoud Abbas and Egypt want Israel’s Gaza blockade to stay

THE Palestinian Authority and Egypt oppose lifting Israel's naval blockade of the Gaza Strip but both call for easing the overland flow of goods to Gaza's 1.5 million residents.

Egyptian PM: Emergency law necessary for Egypt ‘s prosperity

Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif defended the decision to renew the dreaded emergency law, which has been imposed since 1981. He described the law as necessary in protecting citizens and

My Take: New portrait of Muslim America shows community on edge

Now, nearly two years, 75 cities and 100 mosques later, Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam, will be published by the Brookings Institution Press this month.

MB court case adjourned until July 14

The trial of five International Muslim Brotherhood members accused of money laundering has been postponed untill July 17 by an emergency court

Anti-Muslim hate rides the bus: ‘Leaving Islam’ ads are prejudice disguised as assistance

Last month, about 30 buses in New York City’s fleet started running ads professing to assist individuals trying to leave Islam; they’ll continue to run through the middle of next

2 German MPs file complaint against Israel

The human rights activist Norman Peach sided with MPs, belonging to the left, on their filed complaint against "Israel", and included the arbitrary arrest and the attack against civilians, which

Sheikh Salhab: IOA decision to Judaize Buraq Square in Jerusalem a conspiracy

Sheikh Abdul Azim Salhab, President of the Council of the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem, confirmed that Israel's plans to Judaize the city of Jerusalem are being implemented rapidly.

Barak cancels visit to France for fear of being arrested

Barak's office announced that he decided to stay in Israel and not go to Paris to participate in the annual international military exhibition held in Paris.

Gaza Freedom Flotilla – The Shocking Truth Emerges

Survivors of Israel's deadly assault on the Marvi Marmara and other ships gave their chilling, first-hand accounts of the raid to a packed rally in London on Wednesday (9 June).

Anti-incumbency feeling rises in Bahrain

As Bahrain heads toward elections for the lower house of Parliament in September or October, a climate of public unhappiness with the incumbents prevails.