Women and other global activists preparing aid missions to Gaza

Arab and foreign activists, including an aid ship operated by women from Lebanon, are scheduled to set sail to the Gaza Strip to break the siege on the enclave now

Zoabi refuses to cooperate with Israeli investigation committee

MP Hanin Zoabi, one of the participants in the Freedom Flotilla, said that she will not cooperate with a committee ratified by the Israeli government yesterday, which would investigate facts

Turkey is the Only Middle Eastern Country Pointing Toward the Future

Paul Salem, director of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Lebanon, has said this may be Turkey’s century because it’s the only country in the Middle East actually pointing toward

Egypt : Campaign to End the State of Emergency by Human Rights Organizations

On Tuesday, 11 May 2010, the Prime Minister announced in a speech to the People's Assembly, "As it seeks a two-year extension of the Emergency Law, the government vows before

Syria: Ayat Issam Ahmed is disappeared and tortured by Political Security agents in Damascus

Ayat Issam Ahmed, a university student from Damascus, was arrested on 18 October 2009, after receiving a summons to appear at the Political Security branch in Al-Fayha, Damascus, where she

Statement issued by 285 civil society organizations in the Arab World

A statement condemning the crime committed against the relief convoy and demanding the dismantling of the blockade on Gaza and the turnover of the Israeli`s war criminals to International Justice

Mubarak opposes Israeli proposal

An Israeli proposal that would leave Gaza entirely dependent on Egypt for goods and access was strongly rejected by Egypt 's ruling regime.

Unjust recommendations for collective punishment against Muslim students

The Muslim Student Union has appealed a recommendation to have its members suspended for one year.

Egypt: Prosecutor orders new autopsy on police victim

Prosecutor General Abdul Magid Mahmoud ordered autopsy on the body of the 28 year old Alexandria victim, Khaled Saed, allegedly beaten to death by two police agents

Israel plans dig at burial place of Prophet Muhammad?s companions and Saladin warriors

Israeli authorities are pressing ahead with plans to build a courthouse complex on a large historic Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem that is already at the centre of protest over plans