IAF set to choose new Secretary General

A Shura council meeting has been scheduled by the Islamic Action front's leaders to take place June 26 in order to elect a new secretary general and executive office in

Authorities ban entry for aid convoy to Gaza

Mohsen Radi, from the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc has maintained that Egyptian authorities have barred activists from delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza through the Rafah crossing despite orders by the

Anti-Muslim pork sausage party banned by Paris police

Paris police banned a "pork sausage and booze" bash this week on grounds of maintaining public order after the party was initially planned to take place in a heavily Muslim

From Ireland’s Bloody Sunday martyrs to those of Palestine

After 38 years, the martyrs of Bloody Sunday have been vindicated in an investigation that has spanned more than a decade.

Efforts to end Aqsa broadcast still under way

The Aqsa Satellite Channel which is being broadcast from Gaza denounced the decision of the High Council for Radio and TV in France to stop broadcasting the channel via its

IOF violently suppresses weekly peaceful protest at Nil’in

Yesterday afternoon in Ni’lin, in an act of vandalism and repression, ‘The world’s most moral army’ opened fire with tear gas and set olive trees ablaze as a response to

Medvedev: Situation in Gaza very critical

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has described the situation in the Middle East as "complicated" during a meeting with visiting Arab League Secretary General Amr Mousa on Friday.

Erdogan: We have never been silent towards Israel’s attack on Flotilla

Turkish premier Recep Erdogan said Friday that his country would continue to deal with Israel's deadly attack on Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla convoy and would never stay passive towards what happened.

IOF shelling wounds 3 Palestinian farmers

Three Palestinian farmers were wounded on Saturday morning when Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired artillery shells at an agricultural area east of Beit Hanun to the north of the Gaza

Flotilla Check: Facts and Israeli Lies

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has formed an internal commission composed of three Israelis and two, non-voting international observers.