Security forces assault female activists, arresting 50 others

Security forces in Cairo 's city centre attacked today, female activists who were involved in a demonstration protesting against the torture of Khaled Saed which resulted in his death. They

Terrorism has no place in Islamic life

My work over the past 18 years,using the Glorious Qur’an and teachings of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) has focused mainly on the clarification of important issues,

Intisar Selim resigns and Omar monitors Parliamentary elections

Chancellor Intisar Selim, the President of the Cairo Court of Cessation, will be retiring and leaving his current position on June 30th as Head of the Supreme Committee for Elections

Erdogan ‘is no Gamal Abdel Nasser’

A recent poll has revealed that 43 per cent of Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip view Turkey as the regional country that is most supportive of

The Final Turkel Commission Report

Benjamin Netanyahu and his Cabinet on Monday, June 14, 2010 voted in favor of creating an internal commission called the "Independent Public Commission" that includes three Israelis and two foreign

Prosecution listens to testimonies on Alexandria killing

The head of the Prosecution office Ahmed Omar, heard the witnesses' testimonies on the alleged killing of Khaled Saed by plain clothed policemen in Alexandria.

How Obama lost Muslim hearts and minds

the then-recently installed American president, Barack Obama, made a landmark speech in Cairo symbolically to "reset" US relations with the Muslim world.

President Mubarak meets with Mitchell

They discussed in their meeting the efforts exerted to revive the indirect negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis, working to reach the two state-solution, and lifting the siege on Gaza.

Israel closes Gaza’s commercial crossings yesterday and today

Israeli occupation authorities closed yesterday all commercial crossings with the Gaza Strip, at the time the number of goods allowed entry to the Gaza Strip raised up to 200 items,

Activists delay for 24 hours unloading Israeli ship at San Francisco port

Union powers, Palestinian associations, and student and youth committees called for dense gathering from five in the morning for a sit-in blockade of the ship, and to encourage port workers