Press conference condemns Interior Ministry’s brutality

A press conference held earlier this week revealed the latest developments of police victim Khaled Saed who was brutally beaten to death by police

Why they hate America

Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid tells of a polite Oklahoman who held a copy of his latest novel, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, and examined the face on its cover, comparing it to

MB and independent MP’s protest to unfinished sessions

An open-ended sit in is scheduled to take place at the Democratic Front Party's headquarters in protest to the Parliament's neglect in discussing the political rights law'

Yousef Munayyer: Israel’s History of Impunity

Last week the government of Israel announced the launch of an investigation into the events surrounding the deadly Memorial Day flotilla raid which left nine activists dead.

Study indicates Obama not so popular

A new study by the Pew Center suggests that the Muslim Brotherhood's prediction was true where they stated before his memorable address in June 2009,that "If Obama fails to deliver

Stuart Littlewood: The Knesset comes to Westminster

My Lords, the United Kingdom is in regular contact with the Israeli and Palestinian Governments and our international allies regarding the current humanitarian situation in Gaza and the wider issues

Iranian, Jordanian sea and land aid convoys head to Gaza soon

The Iranian Red Crescent (IRC) plans to send 1100 tons of relief material to the Gaza Strip aboard a ship dubbed "A ship for Gaza children".

Children cancer patients demand an end to Gaza siege

Palestinian children afflicted with cancer have called for lifting the Israeli siege on the Gaza strip which has been in place for almost four years now and to allow entry

A Conversation With Tariq Ramadan

European campaigns to ban burqas, the Swiss vote to bar new construction of minarets and attempted terrorist acts in the United States have renewed questions and concerns about the compatibility

Mubarak appoints remaining members of the Shura council

A presidential decree has been announced appointing 44 members of the Shura Council. The list includes eight Copts, 11 women and former ministers, leading figures in the National Democratic Party