Court in Egypt refuses Interior Ministry’s call to ban mobile phones in police stations

A court order in Egypt has overruled an appeal by the Interior ministry which had urged a ban be imposed on the entry of mobile phones in Police Stations.

ElBaradei and MB assert large numbers equal change

The former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei's emergence to lead a movement demanding reform from President Hosni Mubarak's government, with the support of political opposition including the Muslim Brotherhood has

Egyptians unite in silent protest against police brutality and emergency law

An appeal on Facebook has harvested a positive response from over 11,000 people to take part in a silent protest in Cairo and Alexandria Friday.

Israel reopens Abu Salem crossing

The Israeli authorities reopened today Karem Abu Salem, after closing it for two days, to allow the entry of limited quantities of fuel and aid into the Gaza Strip, while

Gaza sinks in complete darkness

One can not predict when the crisis of electricity in the Gaza Strip will ever end, it began with the Israeli bombing of Gaza’s only power plant only four years

Mizan center calls on UN to end Israel’s crimes of torture in Palestine

Al-Mizan center for human rights on Friday appealed to the UN to activate its convention against torture and put an end to Israel's crimes of torture in the occupied Palestinian

Egypt prevents Jordanian aid from entering Gaza

Egyptian authorities prevented a Jordanian aid convoy from entering the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing point on Saturday.

Lebanon rejects Israel’s threats to control gas fields in its territorial waters

Speaker of the Lebanese parliament Nabih Berri stated Friday that Israel ignored that these fields extend according to maps to the Lebanese territorial waters.

Anti-wall marches persist despite IOF quelling

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) attacked different peaceful anti-wall marches on Friday in West Bank villages. Injuries and breathing problems were reported during the attacks.