HRW and Amnesty call on Egyptian regime to release political prisoners

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International in a statement called on the Egyptian government to release prisoners who were detained indefinitely.

Israeli disguised policemen kidnap Jerusalemite MP

A group of Israeli policemen disguised in plain clothes kidnapped Jerusalemite MP Mohammed Abu Tir near his home in Sour Baher village, occupied Jerusalem, on Wednesday.

EU: demolition of Jerusalem homes a violation of international law

BRUSSELS, EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said that Israel’s decision to demolish several houses belonging to Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem is a violation of international law and constitutes an

Sources: Israel steadily changes the Ibrahimi Mosque

Reliable Palestinian sources said that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is working diligently and systematically on changing the Ibrahimi Mosque from inside.

New settlement project in disputed area of Jabal Mukaber in J’lem

Israel's channel 10 revealed an intended settlement project in the area of Jabal Mukaber, east of occupied Jerusalem, in the context of the Judaization schemes aimed at expanding the Jewish

Tadamun: Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails suffer from paralysis and cancer

NABLUS,The International Tadamun (Solidarity) Foundation for Human Rights said that 23 prisoners permanently residing in the Ramle prison hospital are suffering from deliberate medical neglect by the Israeli prisons authority,