Barak extends ban on Sheikh Sabri’s access to Aqsa Mosque

Israeli war minister Ehud Barak has decided to extend the entry ban into the Aqsa Mosque's plazas on Sheikh Ekrema Sabri, the head of higher Islamic authority, for six months.

Hamas: Netanyahu wants to relieve Shalit-related pressure on him

The Hamas Movement on Friday condemned Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu's last remarks about the prisoner swap deal as an attempt to shirk his responsibility for obstructing the deal and to

Haneyya: We will not allow the return of security chaos

Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya has said that his government would never allow the return of security chaos to the Gaza Strip, adding that the execution of convicted agents and criminals

Internal elections replace %15 of Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood, confirmed that according to the movement's regulations, a new Shura council will be formed.

Netanyahu: Israel wont appologize to Turkey

Netanyahu, said that "Israel" will not apologize to Turkey and will not pay any compensation.

50 Ships from around the world will set sail to Gaza soon

Quoting the Syrian news agency "SANA" today, Bashour said in a speech in the Lebanese Tripoli, that the processing of the fleet is being held, despite some difficulties and obstacles.

MB MP demands government’s disclosure of political prisoners’ whereabouts

Dr. Hamdi Hassan, Assistant Secretary-General for the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, submitted an inquiry demanding the disclosure of the whereabouts of several of political prisoners, who were arrested from their

It’s obvious, go talk to the Islamists

Since the rise of this generation of Islamists, native and Western governments alike have adopted two major strategies: politically containing movements like the Muslim Brotherhood by allowing them to have

Muslim Brotherhood creates Facebook alternative

The alternative IkhwanBook mirrors the popular social networking site in most ways.

The U.S. Military ‘Mainstreams’ Hezbollah and Hamas

Hezbollah and Hamas just went mainstream. According to Foreign Policy magazine's Mark Perry, in a recent US military report "senior CENTCOM intelligence officers question the current U.S. policy of isolating