IOF soldiers break into MP’s home, detain 3 Palestinians

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) broke into the home of MP Mohammed Al-Tal in Dhaheria town, southwest of Al-Khalil, at dawn Sunday.

IOA to build 60 new housing units in OJ

The Israeli organization and construction committee is to endorse the construction of 60 new housing units in Eastern Jerusalem that would coincide with Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Washington.

Gov’t releases MB members calling for dismissal of Alexandria police chief

Nine members of the Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested in Alexandria after launching a campaign calling for the dismissal of Major Mohamed Ibrahim head of security in Alexandria have been

Protesters picket speech by Israel’s Tzipi Livni at New York City’s Russian Tea Room

Chanting "Tzipi Livni, you can't hide — we charge you with genocide" and calling for Livni to be prosecuted for Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

Gülen movement raises a new renaissance generation

“In Gülen, you do not just find a dialogue between Gülen and Plato or Gülen and Confucius. Gülen is an intellectual that has been able to attribute this dialogue to

OIC condemns bombings by “enemies of Islam”

Extensive protests and a shutdown in major commercial centres and students belonging to seminaries took to the streets after Friday prayers.

Ikhwanweb expresses sorrow offering condolences to Pakistan bombing victims

On behalf of all the Muslim Brotherhood's sites Ikhwanweb offers its deepest condolences and sympathy to the families of victims.

Tadamun: Special police unit raids cells of female captives at Damoun prison

Tadamon Institute for Human Rights said that a special Israeli police unit raided the cells of Palestinian female captives at the Damoun prison a few days ago and searched the

Khudari: Facts on the ground belie occupation claims that the blockade was eased

The head of the Popular Campaign Against the Siege (PCAS), MP Jamal al-Khudari said that having a list of banned commodities means that the blockade is still in place and