Police brutality continues as detainee allegedly flung from fourth floor

In a new bout of police brutality, Nadim Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture reported that two police officers tortured a Mansoura man before flinging him

Activists assert trial of Khaled Saed’s killers as victory for public outrage

Human rights activists welcomed the decision bChancellor Yaser Refaie, Prosecutor General of East Alexandria to refer Mahmoud el-Fallah and Awad Ismail from Sidi Gaber Police station for killing Khaled y

Lawyers welcome case opened against Khaled Saed’s police killing

Alexandria's Attorney General Councilor Yaser Refaie has ordered the referral of the two informants; Mahmoud Al-Falah and Awad Sayed who were involved in the killing of the "emergency-law martyr" Khaled

Islamophobia reaches its peak with protests against mosque construction

Recent protests calling to stop the construction of a large mosque on a quiet residential street in Brooklyn, other parts in the US and Europe have been faced by much

Zionist extremists planning to evict 40 Jerusalemites

Hebrew daily Yediot Ahronot reported on Sunday that Zionist settlers have threatened to evict the occupants of a Palestinian building in East Jerusalem.

Malaysian aid convoy arrives in Gaza Strip

Relief aid and medicines from the Aman Palestine Institute in Malaysia with an estimated worth of $100,000US arrived in Gaza on Sunday morning via the Egyptian Rafah crossing.

Israeli court elongates Palestinian MP Abu Tair’s sentence

Fadi Qawasemi, the attorney for the Jerusalemite MPs threatened with deportation from Jerusalem, said that the Israeli court has decided to extend Jerusalem MP Mohammed Abu Tair’s detention until Monday

To end the occupation, cripple Israeli banks– by Terry Crawford-Browne

The international banking sanctions campaign in New York against apartheid South Africa during the 1980s is regarded as the most effective strategy in bringing about a nonviolent end to the

Clinton criticizes Egypt ‘s democracy

Hillary Clinton US secretary of state expressed her concern about Egypt 's state of democracy and human rights.

Zahhar: No new proposals on exchange deal

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, a political bureau member of Hamas, has denied that new proposals were tabled regarding the prisoners' exchange deal between the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) and Palestinian resistance