Israeli committee to study bill stripping Bishara of financial dues

The so-called Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation will study on Monday a bill stripping former Arab Knesset member, Dr. Azmi Bishara, of all pay and allowances, in the context of

NAC Threatens to boycott elections if demands for guarantees against rigging defied

Two conferences held on Friday evening in the Daqahliya and Assiut constituencies witnessed the decision made by the National Association for change to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections if their

Study shows growing settlement activity and ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem

A study prepared by the Gaza Strip’s Ministry of Planning confirmed an upsurge in settlement activity and Judaization carried out by the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) in occupied Jerusalem.

Gaddafi foundation: “Hope” still heading toward Gaza

The Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation (GICDF), chaired by Saiful Islam the son of Libyan leader Muammer Al-Gaddafi has denied that the Libyan aid ship "Hope" was diverting its

Italian experts warn of adverse long-term effects of Israel’s war on Gaza

A study prepared by a galaxy of Italian researchers stated that the destructive impacts of Israel's brutal war that took place 18 months ago on humans and environment in the

Creative Resistance Shatters Israel’s Image

The Gaza aid flotilla has come to symbolize a breathtaking type of creative resistance. Ingenious, challenging and as Israel has learnt much to its folly, devastating!


Hollywood actors Meg Ryan and Dustin Hoffman have boycotted Jerusalem Film Festival in response to Israel's deadly attack on the Turkish-flagged Flotilla.

Abu Arafa: We insist on our legitimate right to stay in our native city

Former minister of Jerusalem affairs Khaled Abu Arafa said that he and the lawmakers threatened with expulsion from the holy city would never leave their hometown and insist on their

MB offshoot in Jordan calls on gov’t to disregard US and Israeli pressures on nuclear

The Islamic Action Front in Jordan issued a statement calling on the government not to yield to pressure from the US and Israel .

The dollar’s metamorphosis

Christopher King argues against suggestions by UN and US economists that countries should switch their reserve currencies from the dollar to the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, which he