Thank you and goodbye

THE fate of the Arab world’s two most important states lies in the hands of ageing autocrats. Hosni Mubarak, an 82-year-old air-force general who has ruled Egypt since 1981, is

An Open Letter To Mr. Ban Ki-Moon

As UN head, he is supposed to be above political interests, impartial, fair, and above all standing on the same distance from all parties in offering his advice and opinion

Prepare Jerusalem for peace now

We are so preoccupied with the struggle over what the city would look like following a permanent status agreement that we are ignoring the fact that present-day Jerusalem is declining

Why ElBaradei irks the regime and the opposition

Mohamed ElBaradei returned to Egypt at a critical point in the country's political history. With President Mubarak in power for almost three decades, there is a general feeling that political

A squandered opportunity

When he took office, US President Barack Obama made it a priority to restore US credibility after the damage done by his predecessor. Obama pledged to revamp America’s relationship with

After Mubarak?

At times Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak has seemed a little like the Queen Mother. Amid persistent reports of her imminent demise, she just went on and on. And on. So

Muslims need to tackle Jewish Islamophobia

From Sydney to California , Zionist Jews are spreading venomous hatred against Islam. A few years ago, we were witnessing mere instances and isolated occurrences of Jewish hatred and/or fear

Israeli navy forces Amal to sail to El-Arish harbor

Israeli navy boats forced the Libyan aid ship "Hope" to sail to the Egyptian harbor of El-Arish instead of Gaza Strip, Reuters news agency reported on Wednesday.

Gaza-supporters from Greece cause delays on El Al flights in Athens

Athens airport officials announced Wednesday morning that twenty Greek activists caused delays in check-in counters of the Israeli El Al airlines in Athens international airport in support of Gaza and

MK Hanin Zoabi stripped of parliamentary rights

The Israeli Knesset officially deprived Arab representative of the National Democratic Assembly, Hanin Zoabi, of some of her rights and privileges as a member of parliament, on the grounds of