Facebook and Muslim Outrage: Gleaning the Wrong Lesson, Again

“Any depictions of the prophet are considered blasphemous by Muslims,” wrote Agencies, as reported readily by English.

Cluster Bombs and Civilian Lives

Cluster bombs are in the news again, thanks to a recent report from Amnesty International.

Re: Should Liberals be Giving Obama a Break? Part III

Michael Cohen strongly disagrees with my previous post on why liberals are angry with Obama. Unfortunately, as I suspected, some of what I wrote was misinterpreted. I'll do a quick

Mubarak avoids addressing presidential election issue

Mubarak spoke about the economy, democracy, human rights, the Palestinian question, and Egypt 's place in the world. However details concerning the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for 2011 were notably

Security violation knows no end

Security continued with the violence attacking Tamer El-Sayed Mohamed a witness in Saeed's trial who was expected to testify against the offending officers. Men threatened him forcing him to change

Analysts: With MB support change in Egypt is possible

Papers around the world have speculated that President Hosni Mubarak's, alleged terminal illness has once again raised the crucial question of political succession in Egypt