Human rights condemn the exclusion of Al-Shater and other MBs from the July releases

The political detainees were denied release despite having spent half their sentences and suffering from diseases which entitles them to release.

Egypt Punishes Gaza More

CAIRO – Almost two months since Egypt announced it would reopen its Rafah border terminal with the Gaza Strip, operation of the crossing remains sorely limited.

Minister Mansi appeals for saving Sheikh Jarrah area from Judaization

Palestinian minister of public works and housing Yousuf Al-Mansi appealed to the Arab and Muslim worlds, and the international community to intervene to save the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied

Haaretz: Shin Bet uses physical, psychological torture on prisoners

Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported Monday that Israeli Shin Bet interrogators employ psychological pressure and physical torture to extract information and confessions for crimes attributed to Palestinian prisoners.

Ashton calls for allowing Gaza to export goods

Catherine Ashton, the European foreign policy chief, called on Monday for allowing exports from Gaza to the outside world in order to boost its economy.

Extremist settlers storm Nablus to perform prayers in Joseph’s Tomb

A large group of extremist settlers escorted by troops provocatively entered the Palestinian city of Nablus at the pretext of visiting Joseph's Tomb near Balata refugee camp in the early

Rights organizations slam W. Bank court for acquitting five killers of prisoner

Human rights organizations strongly criticized a military court under the authority of Fatah faction for acquitting officers charged with torturing to death Hamas-affiliated prisoner Haitham Amr in the intelligence headquarters

Dr David Kelly’s postmortem report must be released

Christopher King calls on Britain’s coalition government to release the postmortem report – so far kept secret – on the death of Iraq war whistleblower and UN weapons inspector David

Salah: We stand between paralyzed Palestinian, power-mad Israeli positions

Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic Movement in 1948 occupied Palestine, called on Mahmoud Abbas to admit the failure of the settlement option, which did nothing for the

US senators submit resolution urging Egypt’s regime to revoke its hold on citizens’ freedom

The US Foreign Relations Committee received a drafted resolution by US senators Russ Finegold, Robert Casey and former presidential nominee John McCain urging Egypt to abolish its 30 year old