Paranoid Politics: The Denial of Islamophobia

Imagine a fairly widespread, fairly mainstream ethos in which politicians, pundits, and academics convened to denigrate practitioners of Christianity or Judaism. Imagine that these commentators picked apart the New or

Morsy: Talks With Israel waste of time and resistance is only effective means

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, the Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman and Executive Bureau member, stressed that the group strongly rejects Shimon Peres' visit to Cairo , and its possible outcomes describing him

Oppression continues as MB spread the word for constitutional rights

With the approach of parliamentary and presidential elections state security continue in their usual campaign against members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Woman jailed for abusing and spitting at Muslims as they left mosque

Worshippers leaving a mosque in Colne were subjected to a tirade of racist abuse by a drunken woman who spat on them in the street, a court heard.

ILA uproots hundreds of olive trees

Hundreds of olive trees belonging to Palestinians in the Zulfa and Mosheirefa regions in 1948-occupied Rouha area were uprooted by staff from the so-called “Israeli land administration” (ILA), accompanied by

The Jewish school where half the pupils are Muslim

It’s infant prize day at King David School, a state primary in Moseley, Birmingham. The children sit cross-legged on the floor, their parents fiddling with their video cameras. The head,

Haneyya: The Palestinian people not afraid of Israel’s war threats

Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya said that Israel's threat to wage a new war on the Gaza Strip would not scare the Palestinian people or destroy their steadfastness and determination.

Kadima: Netanyahu not serious about peace talks with Fatah

Israeli Kadima party chairman Haim Ramon questioned whether Benjamin Netanyahu’s government was “seriously” planning to go into negotiations with the Fatah authority in Ramallah, especially regarding the issues of security

Netanyahu threatens to escalate military attacks on Gaza

Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu said that Hamas is responsible for any attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip, adding that his government will take all necessary precautions to "defend" Israel.

Prisoners’ center for studies appeals for helping kids, women in Israel’s jails

The prisoners' center for studies appealed to the Red Cross, the Arab League, the UN and all concerned parties to urgently help about 300 Palestinian children and 35 women exposed