Egypt :Arresting 15 for Distributing Flyers Calling for Reform And Democracy

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information expressed today deep resentment of arresting 15 citizens in Alexandria for distributing and posting publications calling citizens for signing political reform demands.

MB ranks most influential in online poll

66% of the visitors of the popular Egyptian online news wesbite, Masrawy, voted for the MB as the most influential in Egypt's politics.

Feminism Between Secularism and Islamism: The Case of Palestine (West Bank and Gaza)

The third in a series of Monographs on gender discourse and Islamist perspectives on feminism to be published by Conflicts Forum.

America’s “Dog in the Fight” – by Franklin Lamb

The United States will not support meaningful civil, social or economic rights for the World's largest and oldest refugee population and it wants them naturalized anywhere except anyplace in Palestine.

Settlers Ramp Up

A rabbi from one of the most violent settlements in the West Bank was questioned on suspicion of incitement last week as Israeli police stepped up their investigation into a

Revered Israeli rabbi preaches slaughter of gentile babies

Jonathan Cook considers the ideas of a leading Israeli rabbi, Yitzhak Shapira, who together with another rabbi, Yosef Elitzur, has written a book in which he sanctions the murder of

Israeli bulldozers raze vast area of agricultural land in Al-Khalil

Israeli bulldozers under military protection demolished the agricultural land of Al-Jaber family in Al-Baq'ah area, east of Al-Khalil city.

Israel unwillingly accepts to let UN probe into its attack on Freedom Flotilla

Israel reluctantly accepted to let a new UN committee to investigate its deadly attack on the Freedom Flotilla aid convoy in late May after strenuous attempts to undermine international efforts

Bardawil: Hamas never fired missiles at Eilat

Hamas leader Dr. Salah al-Bardawil questioned Israeli data on Grad missiles fired at Eilat, denying that Hamas had any involvement in the incident.

A call for help from prisoners in Negev

Palestinian prisoners said life is “unbearable” and “extremely difficult” in the Negev prison, calling for intervention from human rights organizations to end their suffering and protect them from the Israeli