Opposition stages protest to escalating commodity prices

Protests organized by the Watan hurr 'Free Country' movement are scheduled for Monday objecting to price increases in front of the People’s Assembly in Cairo and the Chamber of Commerce

Opposition remains undecided for elections

A meeting on Wednesday by the political opposition to discuss possible boycotting of upcoming parliamentary elections ended with undecided responses still awaiting the government's decision concerning demands for political reform

Playing in downtime

The Muslim Brotherhood habitually tries to capitalise on the "downtime" of transitional periods in Egyptian history.

US magazine describes Egypt’s status as dire and stagnant

The American e-Magazine, the Globalist posted an article analyzing the current situation in Egypt describing it as dire and stagnant. The article posted claimed that the escalating frustration among the

Secretary General in Iraq calls for release of innocent men

Dr. Ossama Al-Tikriti Secretary General of the Islamic Party in Iraq called on the Prime Minister and the Supreme Judicial Council to endorse the release of the innocent prisoners with