Egyptian opposition: Regime has reached lowest level of behaviour

Dr. Abdel-Halim Kandil, General Coordinator for the Kefaya movement criticized the Egyptian regime describing them as reaching the lowest possible moral standard with their constant defiance of the constitution and

IOA continue demolition streak in Negev

Israeli municipal authorities demolished three Palestinian houses in Abdo village in the western Negev only few days after razing an entire village nearby.

IOF troops close downtown Al-Khalil to allow visit to Jewish tomb

Dozens of Jewish settlers flocked to a Jewish tomb in Beersheba street in downtown Al-Khalil on Monday evening to offer religious rituals, eyewitnesses reported.

Power failures will worsen health crisis in Gaza

The military medical services unit in the Gaza Strip warned that constant power outages will cause the Strip’s humanitarian and medical condition to deteriorate.

Nasrallah presents facts proving Israel’s killing of Hariri

Hezbollah secretary-general Hasan Nasrallah presented in a news conference held Monday evening a collection of circumstantial evidence and data referring to Israel's direct involvement in the assassination of former Lebanese

Political forces unite against the tyranny of the Egyptian regime

The recent arrests against members of the Muslim Brotherhood prompted angry responses from opposing politicians who took part in the “Seven Demands Campaign”.

Boycotting elections? The wrong question

The current state of political mobilization and intensifying protests and strikes in Egypt has created a fanciful impression that change is inevitably on the way. While some predicted the that

Gamal Mubarak’s banners destroyed

Unknown individuals were involved in destroying banners posted by the Egyptian association for Gamal Mubarak’s election campaign in Mansoura.