Court orders release of MB leader Ismail Hamed

The Supreme state security prosecution in Cairo determined the unconditional release of Muslim Brotherhood leader Ismail Hamed in Alexandria

220 Swiss organisations support Freedom Flotilla 2

220 NGOs and unions have expressed support for the Freedom Flotilla 2 which is slated to sail to the Gaza Strip before the end of the year, by participating in

Hamdouna: occupation provides meal seven hours before dusk

Ex-captive Rafat Hamdouna, director of Captives Studies Centre, said that the Israeli occupation prison authority refuses to provide the main meal at sunset, which is the time Muslims break their

Confrontations with the IOF during anti-wall demonstrations

Dozens of protestors suffered breathing difficulties on Friday when IOF troops used teargas to disperse their weekly peaceful demonstrations to protest the building of the Apartheid wall and confiscation of

Netanyahu rejects any preconditions for direct talks

Israeli media sources have confirmed that the Israeli government has informed the US envoy for the peace process in the region, George Mitchell, of its rejection of the Palestinian preconditions

The cases of Omar Khadr and Bradley Manning

Lawrence Davidson shows how popular apathy and parochialism, combined with control of the information flow by the US government and its allied mass media, has led to a situation whereby

Dozens of Jerusalem residents have iftar with the Jerusalem MPs

Palestinian residents of Jerusalem express their support for their elected MPs, who are threatened with deportation by the Israeli occupation government, by visiting them at their sit-in tent at the

130,000 worshipers attend Friday prayers at Aqsa

More than 130 thousand worshipers from Jerusalem, 1948 occupied Palestine and elderly people from the West Bank attended the Friday prayers at the Aqsa Mosque on the first Friday of

Pakistan State Oil grants contract to Israeli firm

The Pakistan State Oil, a government-run oil company, has awarded a contact to an Israeli-based firm, Turpak-Orpak, despite the government’s ban on any kind of trade or agreement with an

Germany releases suspect in Mabhouh slaying on bail

German prosecutors Friday let out on bail Mossad agent Uri Brodsky, a suspect in the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai eight months ago.