CNN survey reveals intolerance for Ground Zero Mosque

A survey conducted by the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll revealed that the controversial plan to build an Islamic centre has not been met with lightly with an overwhelming 70% of

Qaradawi to participate in a break siege convoy to Gaza

Ihsan Hendricks, the president of the Muslim Judicial Council of Cape Town, announced that Dr. Yousef Al-Qaradawi, the chairman of the international union of Muslim scholars (IUMS), would take part

Hamas welcomes further UN investigation into the Goldstone report

A judicial delegation from the UN arrived in the Gaza Strip Saturday evening to complete investigations into the Goldstone report on the 2008-2009 Israeli war against the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians protest against settlement and Judaization in Sheikh Jarrah area

200 Palestinian citizens and foreign activists went on a march on Saturday evening in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem in protest at Israel's settlement and Judaization activities in the

UAE concerned after Germany frees Mossad agent suspected in Mabhouh murder

The United Arab Emirates said Saturday it is concerned about the German court’s decision to release an Israeli Mossad agent accused of involvement in the slaying of Hamas leader Mahmoud

MB hosts dinner for MB military tribunal victims’ families

The Muslim Brotherhood held a Ramadan dinner in honour of the military tribunal detainees' families at their headquarters in Cairo .