Egyptians slam TV series as govt propaganda

Egypt’s most popular Ramadan television series, al-Jama’a, (The Group) has created a controversial hype over its ‘propaganda’ portrayal of the country’s opposition, the UAE-based newspaper The National reports.

Jordan: Increase in number of objections to voter list

Opposition parties in Jordan expressed concern over the increasing number of objections submitted concerning the voter lists for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Norway: EU to end Gaza power, water crises

Norway asked Israel to allow entry of more goods into the Gaza Strip and facilitate the opening of Gaza crossings, while affirming that the European Union would work on ending

Zionist settlers uproot 200 Palestinian olive trees

Zionist settlers uprooted more than 200 Palestinian olive trees near the Qasra village, south of Nablus, on Monday, eyewitnesses reported.

Israel knocks down Araqib village for the fourth time

Clashes erupted between Israeli police backed by special forces and the villagers of Araqib as a heavy fleet of Israeli troops raided the village for the fourth demolition process against

No room for Arab students at Israeli universities

Measures designed to benefit Jewish school-leavers applying for places in Israeli higher education at the cost of their Arab counterparts have been criticized by lawyers and human rights groups.

British Zionists target children’s paintings to minimize Israeli Gaza war crimes impact on UK public

“… what the Jewish community leaders who rush to assist the Jewish state are doing is giving a clear message of Jewish collective support of Israel and its crimes.”

How Close is America’s Demise?

The United States is running out of time to get its budget and trade deficits under control. Despite the urgency of the situation, 2010 has been wasted in hype about

Mohamed ElBaradei: The View From the Muslim World

"Some people want to make it appear that we will wake up tomorrow and find that Iran has developed the bomb. This is not the case. Sixteen US intelligence agencies

ElBaradei criticizes security’s arrests of activists calling for change

Former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei criticised the security services arrests of youths calling for change in Alexandria, confirming that these measures strengthen his resolve and his insistence on calling