Israel faces Flotilla looting charges

Israel faces new headaches over its May 31 attack on a Gaza-bound aid convoy as new evidence backs looting charges against the troops involved in the attack.

Algeria aid ship heading to Gaza

An Algerian aid ship carrying 60 containers of medical supplies is ready to set sail to the Gaza Strip, WAFA Palestinian news agency reported Thursday.

150 Irish intellectuals call for boycotting Israel

150 Irish intellectuals declared their cultural boycott of Israel as an act of solidarity with the Palestinian people's rights and until Israel respects international law.

The POMED Wire

The Lebanese parliament granted 400,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon full employment rights today.

Israeli soldiers deliberately break baby’s arm near Bethlehem

10-month-old Mu’min al Qasrawi was taken to the Maqasid hospital in Jerusalem Monday evening after Israeli soldiers deliberately broke his arm.

Jerusalemites demonstrate against damaging historical burial ground

National and Islamic forces organized a demonstration on Wednesday at the Ma'manullah cemetery in occupied Jerusalem in which hundreds of Jerusalemites took part.

NGO accuses Israel of violations against underage detainees

The Defense for Children International (DCI) has accused the Israeli Shin Bet security service of committing violations against Palestinian juveniles in detention, highlighting the force’s harsh treatment against suspects in

New photos of soldiers rejoicing at killing, arresting Palestinians exposed

The Israeli Shovrim Shtika (breaking the silence) organization unveiled pictures posted by Israeli soldiers on the internet showing them standing beside Palestinian detainees or dead bodies rejoicing over what they

Can Anthony Blair’s five million pounds resurrect Dr David Kelly?

Either Anthony Blair and Alastair Campbell hounded the weapons inspector Dr David Kelly to suicide for his objections to their lies about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction or, alternatively, Dr

Hamas must rebrand and take the wind out of Israel’s and America’s sails

In the five years since I became interested in the Palestinians, only two things of positive note have happened in the occupied territories.