Human rights organizations warn of the deteriorating health condition of Dr.Osama Soliman

The Egyptian Group for Human Rights and Law has expressed its concern regarding the health of Dr. Ossama Soliman who is being detained under heavy security in al-Qasr al-Aini Hospital

Why is Israel afraid of our cemeteries? By Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

After demolishing all the houses of Al-Arakib, the Israeli occupation authorities razed the village cemetery, completely erasing the memory and history of this Palestinian village, as it has erased more

Hamas: Galant’s promotion proves Israeli terrorist nature

Hamas said Sunday that Israel naming war criminal Yoav Galant as the new military chief of staff is new evidence on Israel's "terrorist and bloody nature".

Eghbariye: IOA destruction of two mosques in Ramadan flagrant crime

Israel's so-called civil administration of the West Bank has issued orders for the destruction of two newly built mosques in the West Bank at the pretext of lack of construction

Palestinian prisoner smashes her head against cell wall to get rid of pain

Hassan Karajeh of Safa, Ramallah, called on local and international human rights organizations to intervene in easing the suffering of his imprisoned 22-year-old sister, Sumoud Karajeh.

Israeli settlers burn agricultural crops in Jalud village

Savage Israeli settlers on Sunday went on the rampage in the Palestinian village of Jalud, south of Nablus, and torched more than 20 dunums of agricultural crops.

Campaign under way in Egypt for son to succeed Mubarak

THE EFFORT to ensure that Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s president for nearly 29 years, is succeeded by his younger son is being conducted by no fewer than three well-organised groups seeking

MB MP requests ending of gas exports to Israel to accommodate Egypt ‘s demands

Egypt's current recurring of power outages is blamed on insufficient natural gas at many power plants.

Muslim Brotherhood expands westward

When Egyptian school teacher Hassan al-Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 to teach his fellow Egyptians how to re-discover their Muslim identity and fight British control, he probably never

Egyptians prepare for life after Mubarak

Their President of 29 years is very ill. But with no nominated successor, an uncertain future awaits, writes Robert Fisk in Cairo