London Student Officers Condemn Funjoya “Festival”

We strongly condemn the Israeli government’s disgraceful attempt to whitewash their crimes against the Palestinians with their “student festival” Funjoya.

Stealth Jihad and Creeping Sharia, truly racist terms

Lisa Miller writes in Newsweek describing the latest fad by anti-Islamists to promote their semantic assault by using terms such as 'stealth jihad' from the same group which presented "Islamofacism"

Opposition participates in protests against rising prices

Egyptian opposition parties and political movements staged protest marches on Wednesday in Cairo 's poorest area the Matareya district demonstrating their anger over escalating bread prices.

IOA to close Ibrahimi Mosque to Muslims next month

The Israeli Occupation Authority announced that the Ibrahimi Mosque will be exclusively open around the clock for ten days to Jews on the occasion of the Jewish new year which

Hebrew press: American green light to resume construction in WB settlements

The American administration has agreed to the scheme tabled by Dan Meridor, the Israeli Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy, on resuming building in settlement blocs on the West Bank

Flotilla ship to deliver aid to Pakistan

One of the ships of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla will set sail for the Pakistan to deliver humanitarian aid to the 20 million people affected by floods in the country.

The institution of mosque

The Arabic word for mosque is ‘masjid’, which means a place where one prostrates oneself, or a place of worship.

West Bank activists injured in protests against apartheid wall

Several activists were injured and arrested on Friday afternoon when Israeli military forces used rubber bullets and tear gas canisters to suppress marches against the apartheid wall in villages in

IOF troops order Palestinians to stop building their houses

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) delivered notices to Palestinians in Arab Al-Ramadin area, south of Al-Khalil, ordering them to stop building their houses at the pretext of lack of construction permits