Energy Resources

Protesters in parts of Egypt pointed to natural gas exports to Israel as the reason for blackouts in their country, an opposition group said.

Egypt’s opposition criticizes Saad el Din Ibrahim’s support of pro-Gamal petition

Reuters reports on Pro-democracy activist Saad Eddin Ibrahim, who has recently arrived to Egypt and his support of Gamal Mubarak as the President's potential successor.

Gaza pullout? What pullout? The occupation goes on

JEFF JACOBY’S Aug. 18 op-ed column “The failure of the Gaza pullout’’ misleads its readers into thinking that Israel actually ended its occupation of Gaza.

Free Gaza Mission Vows Escalation of Struggle Against Israel

We Americans are all Palestinians. From the two small boats that landed on August 23, 2008, we grew to six ships in the last flotilla that saw nine of our

Two citizens shot by IOF, as Israeli assaults against Palestinian laborers mount

Two civilians were shot Saturday morning by Israeli occupation forces (IOF) east of the town of Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip, while exercising their profession of collecting scrap at devastated

Abu Sha’ar warns of Israeli schemes to build new housing units in Jerusalem

Palestinian Endowments and Religious Affairs minister Dr. Taleb Abu Sha'ar warned that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) plans to erect 1,600 new illegal settlement units in the occupied city of

Bozkurt: Israel must be listed as Turkey’s top enemy

Columnist for the Turkish newspaper Today's Zaman Abdullah Bozkurt stated that Israel poses a very real threat to the Turkish state and must be classified as one of Turkey's top

Yet Another Facebook Spin-off: is MENA’s new social network funded and developed by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood that according to the BBC has a “more reserved use of photographs, less intrusion in the personal

Web Watch: Hatred will drive people into online Ghettos

Imagine British Telecom allowed people to call you up and spew religious hatred down the phone. Imagine all your pals received the same phone calls. No-one would blame you for

The Brotherhood exposed

The widely viewed TV drama Al-Gamaa, which follows the life of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan el-Banna, has sparked fierce controversy since it started airing at the beginning of Ramadan.