Israeli Soldiers Sexually Abuse Palestinian Children

Damning (September 9) CNN report cites uncorroborated sexual abuse charges of Palestinian children detained by IDF." Military officials refused to "respond to abuse charges as no details (were) provided," a

When they shout: We strongly condemn

Martin Indyk wrote an op-ed in The New York Times entitled "For once, hope in the Middle East". When I read it, I felt I should respond with an article

BBC bias: the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Documentary maker Anthony Lawson argues, in a 15-minute video critique of BBC Panorama's 'Death on the Med', that the BBC's "biased and often untruthful treatment of Israel's worst atrocity since

“A framework agreement” between Israel and Palestinians: precursor to talks without end

Uri Avnery highlights the pitfalls of a “framework agreement”, which the parties to the US-mediated talks between Israel and Mahmoud Abbas have pledged to sign within a year, arguing that

The Thin Green Line: It’s Not Just the Settlements (or the Occupation), Stupid!

Before their eyes we turn into our homestead the land and villages in which they and their forefathers have lived…We are a generation of settlers, and without the steel helmet

Israel razes Araqib homes for the fifth time within weeks

For the fifth straight time in the last few weeks, Israeli Lands Authority (ILA) demolition crews accompanied by a large fleet of Israeli police took down Monday morning tin homes

Does international law have a future?

Lawrence Davidson considers how the application of international law has become “class based”, where the criminal leaders of powerful states – or those with powerful patrons – enjoy impunity, while

Yitzhar settlers raid south Nablus village amid escalated attacks

Israelis from the Yitzhar settlement raided the Orif village, south Nablus, Monday morning and set fire to a Palestinian’s car.

Ultra-orthodox Jews break into the Aqsa Mosque

130 Jewish extremists stormed into the Aqsa Mosque Monday morning from the Maghareba Gate, accompanied by reinforced Israeli police, local sources said.

Will Harvard do the right thing?

Writing in yesterday's New York Times, Nicholas Kristof called attention to a recent blog post by New Republic editor Martin Peretz.