The regime can fix the elections – but it can’t fix the Egyptian people

As Egypt moves towards its parliamentary elections in November, each day brings fresh evidence of the profound problems now endemic in our political life.

Counselor H.Genena leads the “independents” to a third renewal and nomination for chairing the Judges

Counselor Hesham Genena, vice-chairman of the Court of Cassation and former Secretary-General of the Judges Club has announced his intentions of running again for the presidency of the club.

Blogger accuses Gamal Mubarak’s Office of shutting down his Website

Blogger Amr Osama, of the April 6 Youth opposition movement, accused members of the NDP's policies committee of being behind the irrational shutting down of his blog.

Jordan’s MB offshoot denounces French niqab ban

France's ban on the full-face veils has been deeply condemned by the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Jordan who described the ban as an "affront" to dignity.

Collapsing America

All governments lie, kill and misuse public funds, but these calculated habits are amplified manifold during wars

Israel worried about consolidation of Erdoganism

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has privately voiced his government's worries about the consolidation of "Erdoganism" in Turkey following Sunday's referendum which gave Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan additional

Ghad Party follows ElBaradei’s lead to boycott election

As Egypt 's parliamentary elections near decisions are pondered within each opposition's political group and announcements are made.

Five Palestinians wounded in IOF artillery shelling

GAZA, Two Palestinian men were seriously wounded in artillery shelling by Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Tuesday evening southeast of Gaza city.

The Gaza Flotilla: How Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Fakes Photos of Seized Weapons

The following is a repost, due to the amazing hard work of one Ibn Kafka. He has taken the liberty of translating the original post from French into English.

Three Sides of the Qu’ran Burning Triangle

Ever since the 1989 “Satanic Verses” by Indian-born British author Salman Rushdie, the Muslim public, inflamed by some of their religious leaders, has been easily incited if not directly manipulated.